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From Deborah in California:

I really appreciate how you held the space for me to be authentic and transparent. You encouraged me to feel my emotions in a way that I hadn't done before, on my own, because it was too painful. With your guidance you helped me to heal the misperceptions (beliefs that didn't serve me) that I had been carrying with me since my divorce. - "I had a great guy and I ruined it", "I'll never experience love again,", "I will be alone the rest of my life or I will have to settle", " I won't be able to take care of myself financially", "I'm too old, it's too late for me."

Since working with you, something has changed - I was always driven by fear - now, I am driven by inspiration. I will always have a deep sense of gratitude toward you for being so instrumental and making such a difference in my life.

No matter what is happening around me, even when I get really triggered, I have a sense of peace because
I know that I am a staying, nurturing, loving presence for myself.

Love you Keren.


From Catrina, Vancouver, BC:

Coaching from Keren was dynamic and became the primary touchstone in a turbulent ride each week. Through the deep and often highly charged materials in the book, Calling In the “One" Keren’s guidance was like the beacon of a lighthouse.

My biggest breakthrough while doing Calling in the “One” coaching with Keren was learning to "converse" with the part of my SELF that was representative of the "Wounded One". Learning to speak to that aspect of ME; to speak words of commitment that I will indeed "be in charge", keep me safe, listen to my intuition and take good care of ME...a powerful new re-establishing of an alliance that was damaged from past experiences that I had made meaning of, that kept me from intimacy with men at some level, some of the time. This was absolutely a new experience despite all my other healing work.

I was free to explore because I knew that no matter what came up, or where I went with the exercises during the week, Keren was THERE for ME. She was waiting to catch me if needed it. She absolutely and profoundly "Held the Space" for me to do the work and do my own healing at my own pace. What a gift. I recommend her as a coach with all my heart.


From Cheryl, Prescott, AZ:

Before doing DBT with Keren, I’d done a lot of one on one counseling with psychologists and I’d also done group therapy including all night sessions to break down barriers. I didn’t really learn anything about how to cope with the issues of everyday life.

DBT taught me to let go of the guilt that I was carrying for all the mistakes I had made my whole life. I had never been able to do that before. It has taught me to make the best decisions I can and then not feel guilty about them. I can speak up as an adult and not feel like I am being a bad child.

DBT is such a great treatment; it’s just so helpful. We’ve got to get it out there and if I can be a part of that I am very happy.



From Ingrid, California

Dearest Keren,

Thank you!

I am definitely more focused on me and my goals. I have started a Master Mind Group with other entrepreneurial women to brainstorm and hold each other accountable every week.

There has been an interesting shift; Men are noticing me, complimenting me, offering me help without having any kind of sexual agenda. I've also been more smiling and saying hello to men just as I have been with women.

It seems like I am way more trusting in myself, loving myself, and feeling confident in making wise choices. I know that I always have my power and men no longer scare me.

Sending you thoughts of love and light.



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